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I remember my first time going to Europe. I’d packed way too many clothes and even more pairs of shoes, spending a month in Italy with my family and my allowance on new high heels.


Having traveled through most of Europe ten years later, I only recently returned to the boot-shaped country because of an off the beaten path destination: Bologna.

A university town situated between Venice and Florence, Bologna reaps all the benefits of real Italy without the crowds. I’ve been traveling full-time this year, and there is nothing more I wanted than to rest. Bologna had my name all over it.

1. Bologna, Italy dodges the crowds ruining bigger Italian cities.

I hate that someone in your group is likely to be robbed or touched inappropriately in crowded European cities. Mo’ people, mo’ problems (that was my Notorious B.I.G. voice). It is so nice to dodge the tourist crowds.

Bologna felt both clean and safe for a medium maintenance solo traveler like myself. - Bologna, Italy

2. Bologna boasts the most arches in the world.

Oh, so it’s “too” sunny or rainy? If Italy’s perfect weather just happens to slip up, you’re guaranteed to be pleasantly sheltered while wandering through Italian arches. - Bologna, Italy

 3. Most people actually come to play in Ferraris

If your car knowledge is limited to the recent Will Smith movie Focus, this may not be for you. However, if you love fast cars the way Italians love each other, Bologna is a top international destination for playing with Ferraris. - Bologna, Italy

4. Italian Architecture

I’ve seen so many castles and churches, you’d think I’ve had found a prince and been married. Italy truly upholds to it’s romantic reputation; I guess the ROMANtic influence really shows.

I know, I’m not that “punny” — but look at this: - Bologna, Italy

5. Italian Food

Bologna is also home to a culinary school. Do I need to say more? - Bologna, Italy

Don’t worry, the town is also ideal for jogging. That’s how the cheeky Italians stay so fit.

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