5 Reasons Not to Visit Hvar Island, Croatia






Too often, tourists stop by Hvar island for a snap or two from the Fort and a day party at Hula Hula or night at Carpe Diem. They don’t milk the island for what it’s worth.

Hvar island is incredibly sunny, averaging 2718 hours of sunshine a year. In fact, the island is so sunny that hotels are required to provide a free night of accommodation if it snows. It’s the only place in the world with 4 UNESCO heritage sites. While I am guilty of only visiting Hvar town during my previous trips, celebrities like Beyonce, Prince Harry, and Bill Gates have been properly Hvaring all this time.

If you don’t know what you’re missing, let me provide some compelling reasons to visit the island in its entirety…

1. There are towns you’ve never heard of and won’t know how to pronounce.

They look like this…

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar Town beyond the iconic shot.

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

Jelsa, Hvar 

2. The Croatian food and wine will have you breaking every diet.

Cheese, fish, meats, and original wines similar to a Zinfandel.

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

Wine Tasting with Andro Tomic at Bastijana .

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

Gariful, one of Giorgio Armani’s top 7 restaurants in the world .

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

Lucullus, a restaurant where you’ll be welcomed with champagne corked with a sword!

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

Dinner at Me and Mrs. Jones, Jelsa, Croatia.

3. There are too many vantage points to choose from…

Sorry, but you won’t be the main attraction in your selfie with all of those yachts, islands, and red-roofed homes.

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar island rooftops .

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

 Hotel Adriana Top Bar.

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

Jelsa, Hvar.

4. The Taxi Alternatives are a Little Funny

No Lyft, Uber, or cabs here. We took an intimate sea plane for about $60, as well as motorboats, ferries, and yachts throughout our stay in Hvar.

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

Boat life

Check out European Coastal Airlines to get around Croatia..

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

 Split to Hvar via European Coastal Airline.

5. The Beaches Are So Hot

It feels like summer, and gosh darn it, who likes summer?

TravelBreak.net - Hvar Island, Croatia

I did Yacht Life.

For local’s advice on Hvar island, check out Total Hvar.

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